The Peace Seekers of Washington County

Friday, July 01, 2011

OF SPECIAL INTEREST: Videos worth viewing

Of special interest for all should be John Nichols' presentation given at the Jewish Community Center at Whitefish Bay June 25.
He cited some interesting WI political history and really fired up the audience to unite in solidarity!

Kevin Mulvenna was one of the two folks who made a video of John Nichols talk at the JCC on Saturday evening organized by STAND-UP and We Are Wisconsin. Kevin also videotaped two other speakers at an event organized by SD8 We are Wisconsin at the MATC campus in Mequon. He also set up a link to the "Where is Alberta?" video created by Kevin Kane, a SD8 We Are Wisconsin organizer.

Here are links to all of these videos:

1. "An Evening with John Nichols" (June 25 talk at the Jewish Community Center) titled “The Progressive Fight from Robert M. La Follette to the Recalls” can be found at:

2. Tom Beebe's presentation at the MATC - Mequon Town Hall, "Devastation Upon Devastation" can be found at:

3. Jack Norman's presentation also from the MATC - Mequon Town Hall which is titled, "Wisconsin's Budget: Fact & Fiction" can be found at:

4. And, of course, the ever popular, "Where's Alberta?" during which constituents complain more about being ignored than they do about the views and actions of their Wisconsin State Senator, can be found at: