The Peace Seekers of Washington County

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Christmas parades in Hartford and West Bend.

We are planning on having floats in both the Hartford (theme is "Christmas: Past, Present and Future") and West Bend (theme is "Twas the Night Before Christmas") Christmas parades. Our thrust in both will be similar: "Peace on Earth" throughout our world with representatives from different countries (Peace Seekers wearing international outfits - we have a variety & some participants will actually be from other countries or have their own representative clothing).

What we need is some of you participating by either riding in the trailer or walking a relatively short distance. The Hartford parade will start at 3 pm, Saturday, November 13 (we'll gather at 2:30 pm). The West Bend parade will start at 5 pm, Sunday, November 28 (we'll gather at 4:30 pm). Details for both will follow for those participating. NOTE: kids are cordially invited to participate.