The Peace Seekers of Washington County

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Middle East & North African Film Series
Wednesday, February 23 at 7pm
(Yamina Bachir, Algeria/France, in French & Arabic w. Eng. st., 100min, video, 2002)
This award-winning film chronicles the life of Rachida, a young school teacher, during the Algerian Civil War in the 1990s. Her life is turned upside-down when confronted by a former student, now a member of a terrorist group, who threatens her life for her to assist their heinous plot. She refuses to commit the unspeakable act, and is subsequently shot and left for dead. Rachida recovers and retreats to a small village with her mother for “protection”, only to discover that the eruptive violence has permeated the countryside. A stark look at the affect grassroots terrorism has upon the rituals and institutions of those caught in its wake, Rachida is a powerful character study not to be missed.