The Peace Seekers of Washington County

Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005 Photos

Christmas Party 2005

Two sisters and an AFS student from Thailand. It's great to have young people at our events!

Autumn Solstice 2005

Peace Seekers picnic 2005

Candlelight Vigil in Port Washington August 14, 2005

Among the observers were veterans who believe we must end the war and come home as soon as possible.

Reading names of the dead include a Desert Storm vet and the mother of a current son in the Army.

Holding the candle for the unnamed dead so far in August 2005.

The sign on a fence telling passers by the purpose of the display and asking for reverence for the people it represents.

Reading aloud names of service people killed in the month of July in the Iraq war.

Participants place a candle by the names of each months war dead. One candle for each of the 30 months plus one for the unnamed of August 2005.

Fighting Bob Fest 2005

Wetland Exploration 2005